How much waste does your shaper create?

looking for a responsibly made surfboard?

Own a piece of the Klehkoot boardworks and order a Handboard made out of reclaimed wood from the century old workshop rebuild.


Located at 8051 Pacific Rim Highway above the Sproat River and en route to the waves of West coast Vancouver Island, the Klehkoot studio has been a challenging two year restoration project. Still in progress but now open for board restoration. Shaping currently planned by the end of 2022.

the tap mun studio

With the help of Inhwan, Dean, Jess, and the “locals” of Tap Mun, the Tap Mun studio was kept running throughout the hardships of the pandemic restrictions in Hong Kong. But after two and a half years of me struggling to keep costs covered and Hong Kong and China still to this day holding on to pandemic restrictions, we’ll temporarily close the door to shaping and board restoration from September 2022 until early 2023 when I get back to Hong Kong.

Group photo after shore clean-up activity

shaping change

Every one of us has an urgent responsibility to shape change. Our days are only numbered if you do nothing.

Where does going with the flow ever get you anyway?

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