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Youth is not defined by physical age. It is defined by a feeling in your heart.
Everyone has the potential for youth. You just need to remember what it feels like to be a child.
You need to remember that smile on your face when you had your first birthday at McDonalds,
the joy and freedom to do whatever you want after Saturday morning cartoons,
or opening your Christmas gifts under the tree.

Surfing brings youth back to all of us.
It brings the essence of play where nothing else matters but the moment you are in.
It taps the joys of childhood and reminds you to live every day to its fullest.
It is about sharing new experiences with your friends and realising that indeed there is more to life than just making money.

Like each new tree you climbed as a child, every wave is a new adventure with a new challenge.
Like staying out past your bedtime, you also can never get enough of surfing.
So go surfing. It will put the youth back into you.

Surfing is at the core of Makara. It’s about Fun and Adventure and sharing these experiences with real Friends. It is about Freedom of expression. It is about doing what you want to do and being who you want to be, not what others tell you. It is about following your Dreams and caring more about appreciating the moments in life than anything else. Why spend your life working and stressing to acquire as much as possible and then it’s over? Was it really worth it in the end?

Makara is about bringing the values, concepts, and lifestyle of our passion surfing into our daily lives. We hope it can help us realign because we have been so brainwashed into misguidance of what is important to us. Because it is not the quantity of hours we work. It is not the title on our business cards. It is not the number of properties we own. Nor, it is the number of zeros in our bankbooks. It’s about how you live your life.

Mickey Muñoz nailed it…

It really doesn’t matter where you ride, what you ride or how good you ride it. It’s measured in increments of smile!

So focus on measuring life in increments of smile because ultimately, we are ALL surfers searching for the best rides of our lives.

Hindu God of the Seas Varuna riding a Makara

The Legend of Makara began in Hindu mythology near the beginning of time as the waves of the Ganges River began to swell through the Universe to ensure the preservation of Mother Earth. As Ganga, the goddess of the river Ganges, surfed through heaven, across the Earth, and down into the underworld, she rode a Makara as her Vahana (vehicle).

Also chosen by the Hindu god of the seas, Varuna, a Makara is a mythological sea dragon that is half land and half sea animal with an elephant trunk like nose. Highly important to both Hindu and Buddhist religions, today images of Makara are found throughout Asia protecting the entrances of Hindu and Buddhist temples, shaped into jewellery, and sculpted into stone. All over Asia from India and China in the North through Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand and finally South into Malaysia and Indonesia, Makara has left its mark.

Today, the legend of Makara has reborn as a surfer’s vehicle to Nirvana.

Surfer on a Makara Tram Boy surfing a close-out


The world around us today has developed into a model that seeks to maximise value for shareholders/owners above everything else. This concept drives governments into concentrating on doing what it takes to boost their income and keep the stock market healthy as opposed to providing their people with what they really need. Your career path and the decision of which company you work for is based solely on one thing; maximum income. You end up toiling away countless hours, not for yourself, but to create value for someone else. You then through your purchases whether it is the latest phone, fashion, or automobile are doing so to associate yourself solely with the symbols of your success; your accumulation of wealth. You publicly announce your latest image related achievement on social media for all to know “how great you are”. You miss out on life experiences with your friends and your family by sacrificing more and more time to help build someone else’s financial dreams. You pressure your children through excessive after-school courses and get them started in school before they can even speak. Before it was called “Playschool”. Now it is called “Preschool” and your kids never get a chance to just be kids. Finally with them the cycle starts all over again. Before you know it, life has passed you by.

Ride your own way. You don’t have to conform. You don’t have to go to university just because someone tells you that is the only way. You don’t have to get a job at the bank because everyone else does. You don’t have to buy the latest smartphone or work towards buying the largest house. You know yourself best. Life is the greatest ride you will ever take. Do what puts a smile on your face each and every day.

There always is another wave. Behind every wave there is always another. There will always be another chance. Maybe you don’t get the job you want. Maybe you don’t make the sale you want. Or, maybe you don’t get the spot you want. You don’t need to rush because there’s always another wave on its way. Get ready, paddle out, and try and catch it.

Catch what you need and share the rest with someone else. More is not necessarily better. Too much minus what you need equals waste. Waste is bad. Our planet is suffering. You got more than you need? Give some to somebody else.

Take life one smile at a time. Happiness is the most important thing in your journey. Happiness begets good health, good relationships, and a good society. We ride waves because they make us most happy. Make choices in your life not based upon what provides the highest return on investment, but what yields you the highest return on happiness.

It’s about the experience, not the acquisition. Memories are created through experiences and the happiness you share with others. You can easily remember your favourite hobbies as a child, but you can’t remember what you wore. So it’s not about how you spend it, it’s about how you experience it. Paddle out, catch, and carve the greatest wave of your life.

Chris walking with a Makara surfboard in front of HSBC headquarters in Central, Hong Kong

Ripples In Time

the beginning of time
Connecting Line
Ganga riding her Makara
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humans discovered how to live in harmony
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Humanity began its path to destruction
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Makara is reborn