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There are two places I am at total peace.
On a surfboard staring out to sea.
And in the sky gazing to the endless horizon.

When I am on the ocean, a trance surrounds me and my mind goes blank. I forget about what I did yesterday and I make no plan for tomorrow. I am focused solely on the present moment and think only about having the best ride of my life. The only thing stopping me from staying out longer is the hunger for lunch and the setting sun.

In the sky, the total loss of connection to everything yields the time that I have my most effective thinking. I gaze out the window to the endless blue and try to work out the deepest challenges in my life. And on last week’s trip to Taiwan, a lot got done while watching out that window even though the one hour or so flight does not allow for much of it.

The first subject that came to mind was that of the need to be able to create a better product. How do I define “better”? A surfboard that is a quality made-to-last build and environmentally sound without costing a ridiculous amount. The basic idea behind Makara surfboards is delivering a “custom surfboard at a retail price” by leveraging off of the expertise and flexibility of my trusted manufacturing partner. But because I am not doing big volumes of orders, it’s not possible for me to request integration of environmentally sound components such as recycled EPS cores like those from Marko Foam and bio-based epoxy from Entropy Resins. So what does one do?

Do it yourself of course. And so Saturday I began the process of building my cubicle. It’s an 8 x 15′ fully transparent enclosure in my office that once complete will enable me to do plug placement, glassing, decals/colouring, sanding, etc. in-house. The frame was completed on the weekend. Now it’s ready for the next steps of adding the walls and ventilation.

I’ll still get my surfboard cores machine shaped as that always makes so much more sense. The computer has a much more accurate “hand” and always does a consistent job at shaping to the exact specifications of my designs. But, all the rest will be done in-house in Hong Kong. So with that I think I can officially and confidently say “Designed in Hong Kong. Made in Hong Kong”…something tells me that maybe I think I will be the first one to do it.

Yes it means I am going to have to increase my price, but the benefit is going to be a much more awesome final product. Though with the current retail price of an off-the-shelf board in the market, I think I still have a lot of room to maintain my concept of “Custom surfboards at a Retail price”.

Cijin Surf Beach Sunset

And with that the sun will set on the first chapter of Makara’s journey into creating the best ride of it’s life and tomorrow will bring a new one.

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