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Learning Curve

Woke up early this morning all fired up to deliver three awesome fishes for three very important birthdays. So important that the riders were actually departing today back to the States for the holidays. Was placing the surfboards on the roof rack at 07:00 to drive from one side of…

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Writer’s Block

Writer’s block…Serious writer’s block for months. February came and I was sitting on a boat with my favourite man to share waves with. We were heading out to his most loved and most frequented spot. Guess it is also my fav now, although friend tends to ensure I get smashed…

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2017年2月2日  上午10時  微雨 打開那道沉重的大閘,我走在塔門這條大街上,街坊們看到我們都非常熱情,他們細心地向我們介紹這個小社區,在這裡你絕對可以感受到香港小漁村的情懷。 不過,呢個係一個新樓盤ge廣告,我地Makarasurf ge office將會搬去塔門啦,我地而家可以用晒成棟樓,而且入面仲有好多充滿漁村味道ge家具俾我地利用先,相信新office會令大家有耳目一新ge感覺,而家我地正忙緊裝修,相信好快就可以同大家見面啦! 你可能會問點解會由火炭搬到塔門咁遠,首先呢度地方大好多,我地可以將工作室直表展示俾大家睇,所以大家睇到我地係點制造滑浪板的,當大家黎塔門玩ge時候都可以入黎参觀一下,同時間塔門其實係香港少有ge滑浪熱點,所以大家入黎玩ge時候可以租我地ge滑浪板滑浪。 P.S. 不過塔門唔係太適合新手,因為呢度有太多石,都幾危險= =”” Post by ImaPong

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