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Godly Slab Surfer Soap

Premium High Lather Body & Shaving Soap
All Natural and Palm Oil Free
Cold Processed with High Quality Imported Vegetable Oils
Hand-Made by us in Tap Mun

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Godly Surf Gunk

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Why wax your board with a toxic petroleum based product that's harmful to your body and the ocean?
Wax all natural
Wax Godly

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The Biggest Wasters in the World

Help Me Convince Hong Kong's Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department to Begin Educating Hong Kong about Marine Waste

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Shaping Hong Kong

I had the pleasure of doing a little project with Joel Roche from Australia in June. He put together this little piece on my surfboard shaping and focus on eco-friendly surfboard production methods. Joel did an awesome job with the shooting and editing. Later Matt Gaw jumped in for the…

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Learning Curve

Woke up early this morning all fired up to deliver three awesome fishes for three very important birthdays. So important that the riders were actually departing today back to the States for the holidays. Was placing the surfboards on the roof rack at 07:00 to drive from one side of…

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Writer’s Block

Writer’s block…Serious writer’s block for months. February came and I was sitting on a boat with my favourite man to share waves with. We were heading out to his most loved and most frequented spot. Guess it is also my fav now, although friend tends to ensure I get smashed…

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