Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay Surf Report

People say Big Wave Bay is the centre of the surfing scene in Hong Kong. Yup it sure has the density and quantity of riders when swell is on, but this is more due to its convenience rather than for the quality of the wave. It’s got facilities, showers, change rooms, rentals, restaurants, everything. But, it’s a tight spot and, dare I say it, close-out. It might not be the best wave in Hong Kong, but it is the centre of the universe for surfing in terms of the social aspect. Just so you know, the nearest shaper is 30 km away though 😉

Now for the technical jargon, its a leftish sand break caught from near rocks on surfer’s right. Best place to paddle out is on beach left and then please try to conform to the line-up. Please be considerate and mind your surfer etiquette in this tight zone of happidom.