Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung

Tai Wan

Arguably the best surf spot in Hong Kong, Tai Wan or Tai Long Wan as it is most commonly referred to is a serious trek from civilization. Fortunately, that is what keeps the masses away. Tai Long Wan means Big Wave Bay in Cantonese. Not to be confused with the other three “Tai Long Wans” or Big Wave Bays in Hong Kong like that most visited on Hong Kong island

Tai Wan Surf Report

Getting There

By Land

There are three points of entry for the overland trek.

  • Pak Tam Au: Take a taxi or KMB bus 94 from the Sai Kung Bus Terminus and get off at Pak Tam Au. You can also take KMB bus 96R from Diamond Hill MTR Station on weekends and public holidays to Pak Tam Au. Then give yourself 90 min to 2 hr to walk along Maclehose Trail Section 2.
  • Sai Wan Ting: Catch a taxi or village bus NR29 from just in front of McDonalds in Sai Kung to Sai Wan Ting (Sai Wan Pavillion). Follow the path 30 to 45 minutes to Sai Wan. Check out the bach there and continue on another 45 to 60 min to Tai Wan.
  • Wong Shek Pier: Stay on bus 94 or 96R a bit longer until you get to the terminus at Wong Shek Pier. Then take the ferry to Chek King. From there you only need about a 40 to 60 minute walk along Maclehose Trail Section 2.

By Sea

Grab a boat “fai tang” from Sai Kung Pier. Keep in mind these are usually operating only on weekends and public holidays and are weather dependent. Usually the days you want to get out there, they are too scared to drive.

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Tai Wan: 22.414282, 114.381666
NR29 Sai Kung Bus Stop: 22.382440, 114.271728
NR29 Sai Wan Ting Bus Stop: 22.394806, 114.360187
KMB Bus 94/96R Pak Tam Au Bus Stop: 22.421527, 114.332276
Wong Shek Pier Bus Terminus: 22.435406, 114.336734
Wong Shek Pier: 22.435654, 114.337292
Chek Keng Pier: 22.424926, 114.353565
KMB Bus 94 Sai Kung Bus Terminus: 22.382200, 114.274000
KMB Bus 96R Diamond Hill Station Bus Stop: 22.340882, 114.201690
Sai Kung Pier: 22.381409, 114.274222


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