Customer Service


We think our boards are awesome. A lot of pride and care goes into the design, manufacturing, and delivery. Although our boards are a vehicle for the gods and goddesses (I.e. you), god-like maneuvers such as trying to magically teleport through rocks, take on waves taller than mountains, and hover over the beach take a millennium to master and so therefore if your board breaks during such studies, well we are happy to put your story online! Normal wear-and-tear aside, if you believe there is a manufacturing defect, send us an email at !

1: Open your email application
2: Type “Service” in the subject field
3: Tell us about the issue, where you were riding your Makara, how it happened, and attach some pictures of the problem. Don’t attach massive photos as our server is set-up to bounce heavy slow moving emails.
4: Click send and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Please remember that, as our boards are specifically designed and built for the original rider, any warranty or guarantee is not transferable should ownership of your Makara change hands or someone else or creature was attempting to ride it.