Can I track my package?

You sure can. We ONLY ship by methods/carriers that provide us with an ability to track your package and we’ll send you the tracking number once your order has shipped.

Is my board really 6’3?

Why yes it is Jimmy Joe. You see there are two ways to measure board length. One is along a straight line and one is along the stringer. We measure and mark board length based on the length running along the stringer.

Do you pay the import taxes, duties, etc. to my country?

Import taxes, duties, fees, etc. are not included in the shipping cost included with your order. If any costs are required for this, they must be handled by your side as according to the local laws of your country.

I want to order several boards. Do you accept volume orders?

Yes and we will consider a discount depending on the order quantity.

How do you design a board?

We use industry standard 3D modeling software that is specially designed for surfboards.

How do you make your boards?

Hand-shaped. Made in Hong Kong.

How long does it take to create a godly ride?

Usually around 25 days but it depends a lot on artwork complexity and design approval. After all, we would not want to create something you don’t want.