Classic Makara Cap (Charcoal)

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Product Description

Our first venture into making some awesome caps. Our Classic Makara Cap sports some sweet 3D embroidery on the front and our Lone Surfer on the rear. We love the Charcoal colour. It fits nice in three sizes with some flexibility for those in-between noggins. Perfect for the cooler seasons. It combines cotton and spandex into sturdy construction. We made this cap well because we hate waste. Take care of it and the quality will be sure to last so you won’t need to buy many other hats! …except Makara ones of course 😛


Want a perfect fit? Get a string, put one end at the centre of your forehead, put the rest around your head until you get back to the start, pinch that length, now measure it along a ruler. That’s the “circumferance” of your noggin. Compare that number to the size options in the drop-down above. But don’t worry if it is not exact because we included some flex in the material!

Size Chart for Makara Classic Caps

Product Care

Ensuring your Classic Makara Cap lasts a long time is easy.

  1. Handwash in cold water with a mild detergent
  2. Don’t use bleach or any other harsh chemicals
  3. Don’t use a washing machine or dryer
  4. Clean the embroidery by scrubbing it lightly with a soft clean toothbrush
  5. Hang it to dry
  6. Don’t press it with an iron


First, bring it back and get a discount on your next cap purchase! If we determine it isn’t fit to be donated to those in need, it can be broken down into rags, paper, yarn, insulation, and padding for carpets by textile recyclers. Second, we went local for this. We work with an awesome Hong Kong based cap manufacturer to create our Classic Makara Cap. There is sure to be cheaper alternatives in other parts of Asia, but we would rather keep doing our part to support the local businesses.


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