Godly Kook Spray

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Keep those pesky bugs at bay!
Premium All Natural Ingredients
No DEET Added

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Godly Kook Spray is made by us in Tap Mun. We combine distilled water with ethyl alcohol, citronella oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and cedarwood oil to create this Godly bug spray. The cool thing about is there is NO DEET or any other harmful chemical inside. Only nature’s Godliest ingredients in here!

Our Godly Kook Spray is made from all natural ingredients and placed inside a fully recyclable PET dispenser. Please remember to place it in your plastics recycle bin or bring it back to us for a discount off your next Godly Kook Spray purchase.

Avoid using during pregnancy. This is a standard precaution with anything that contains Cedarwood oil.
Do not spray on your or anyone else’s face.
Shake well before using because it contains various essential oils.

Do you make it yourself?

Does it work?
Of course it does. But keep in mind nothing is 100% effective against all types of mosquitos no matter what their outlandish marketing claims might be.

Why don’t you ship outside of Hong Kong?
The difficulty is because it is a liquid but we’re working on this and hopefully can have it ready for overseas shipment within 30 days.


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