Godly Slab Surfer Soap

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Premium All Natural Body & Shaving Soap
Free from Palm Oil and hydrocarbons the way soap and shaving should be
High lather and containing stuff that is good for your skin
Hand-made the traditional cold-process way in the back of our surf shop in Tap Mun

Each bar weighs approximately 120 g (4.2 oz)

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Product Description

What’s Surfer Soap? It’s one that is all natural. It’s got a high lather so you can shave as well as wash with it. That means you don’t have to buy hydrocarbon spewing shaving creams saving the environment. It doesn’t contain palm oil and so frees you from association with the nasty environmental degradation that the palm oil industry causes. It combines skin nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter and Bentonite Clay because, although we love the ocean, soaking in salt water all day isn’t the best thing for our skin. And last but not least, like the best surfboards, the best soap is hand-made too.


All our vegetable oils are imported from around the globe including Italy, the UK, France, and Australia to name a few. We don’t use preservatives and we don’t go cheap with unsustainable Palm oil.

How is it Made?

Our Godly Slab is made using the traditional cold-process method. This method utilises Saponification which creates soap by mixing oils with an alkali (sodium hydroxide) and emulsifying it. We heat and mix the required oils according to our formula and when the temperature of this mixture gets within our target range of our lye water (sodium hydroxide + distilled water), we mix together at high speed to start the saponification process and add in the essential oils we need for fragrance. The cool thing is when the saponification process is complete, there is no more sodium hydroxide present in the soap. We then pour the mixture into moulds and let it cool and dry for a couple days. Finally, we pop it out of the mould, cut to approximately 120 g blocks, and set aside for curing for 45 days. It’s all done in our shop in Tap Mun.

Is it out of stock?

If it’s out of stock, we’ll list the ready date here:

Feel free to lay your claim and backorder. We’ll ship it out as soon as it is ready.


Why do your soaps vary in price? Because we are using high quality imported oils, Godly Slab is not cheap to produce and varies depending on the essential oils we use for the fragrance. For example, because our Lavender Oil comes from France, it’s one of the most expensive to use.

My skin is sensitive. Which do you recommend? Start with Unscented.

Why isn’t your soap cut into perfectly shaped blocks? It’s hand-made!

Will it melt easily? No it won’t as long as you don’t leave it resting in water.

What’s the shelf life? About two years. We print best before dates on the packaging.

Why don’t you use preservatives? Often it is preservatives that cause people to experience a skin reaction. Chemicals are bad. All natural is good.


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