Godly Surf Gunk

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Hand-made in Tap Mun with nature's godliest ingredients
Perfect sessions size
Includes one 20g (0.7oz) piece

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Product Description

Our Godly Surf Gunk is an amazing premium surf wax! Because surfboard wax ends up being absorbed by your skin while you’re paddling out to catch those waves, we recognise the importance that only non-toxic materials should be used unlike all the other petroleum based waxes out there. Heck, most of those don’t even tell you what goes into their wax! We combine all natural ingredients like unbleached beeswax, cold pressed coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, raw aloe, etc. to create our godly concoction. It’s the best thing for both your body and your board especially as some of the natural additives we use are chosen for their natural board rash fighting capabilities. You can even rub a bit between your fingers and onto your lips if your lips are feeling chapped while you’re out there waiting for a wave. You wouldn’t want to do that with a petroleum based wax!

It goes on clean and each 20 gram (0.7oz) size is perfect for a day out in the water. You’re not going to come back to a messy blob of wax with sand and other crap stuck to it inside your bag or find a chunk melted in your car. Use it up on your board and then head out for the day. It’s got a pretty good traction to it depending on the water temperature. We don’t guarantee that it is the stickiest glue on the market, but we do guarantee that with our Godly Surf Gunk you are not going to be doing any harm to your body.


As a Makara Belief is to buy local in order to support local businesses instead of aggressively going for the lowest cost supplier wherever they might be, all our materials are purchased from local Hong Kong suppliers. We support Hong Kong beekeepers with the purchase of our beeswax while our raw aloe comes from our own organically grown plants. Only those parts that are not produced locally in Hong Kong do we have to purchase from a Hong Kong importer. Then we combine the ingredients in our own Hong Kong wax factory to produce our all natural Godly Surf Gunk. And don’t worry about the packaging. We use recycled unbleached kraft paper and have it printed by a local printing company using soy based inks. So, we’ve done our part. Please remember to do yours and don’t litter. Recycle it!

1 review for Godly Surf Gunk

  1. dingosurf (verified owner)

    Tried this out on a new board with no tail pad. Works good. The thing that I noticed was that I changed to different wax on another board and it rubs off onto my clothes (new shorts) when I walked with the board under my arm, not to mention all over my backpack when I hiked. Surf gunk didn’t.

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