Godly Kook Candle

HKD $80.00

All Natural Eucalyptus Based
100% Local Beeswax
DEET and Citronella Free
Burns for Hours

Product Description

Godly® Kook Candles are our all natural bug repelling candles made with high quality local beeswax, Australian Eucalyptus citriodora oil, and Thai lemongrass oil. Each 75 g candle burns seriously for hours and is poured in a resealable aluminium container so you can take it camping, on your surf trips, etc.  All our quality oils are imported by us and the candles are poured at the Makara Boardworks in Tap Mun.  Best of all, you won’t find any DEET or Citronella oil in here.

Godly® Kook Candles are 100% all natural and locally made by us. As a result, we know for certain there is absolutely no by-product during production. That means we have a waste to product ratio of 0% beating our 1% Initiative! Packaging in Godly® standards is minimised and recyclable. The labels are printed on kraft paper and there is absolutely no plastic involved. You can’t get more sustainable than this!

What goes in it? Unrefined Beeswax (Hong Kong), Eucalyptus citriodora oil (Australia), and Lemongrass oil (Thailand).

What’s wrong with Citronella oil? Well it’s banned as an active ingredient in insect repellent products in the European Union and Canada. Also, there isn’t much research to support the effectiveness of it as an insect repellent while Eucalyptus oil has a significant amount of research to support it as a natural repellent.


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