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Sustainability defines me as a surfboard shaper. I combine eco-friendly materials with waste minimising production techniques to create hand-shaped rides that are some of the least impactful to our planet. Moreover, your Makara is going to be built strong and built to last without jeopardizing weight.

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The Makara Surf Company is a member of Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project – the world’s first, independent 3rd party consumer-facing “eco-label” for surfboards.

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Makara surfboards are built from scratch. Each surfboard blank is glued-up and pressed in the Makara Boardworks using Basswood stringers and lightweight Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. Basswood is used as a stringer material because of its excellent flexural strength to weight ratio while EPS foam is the only core material that can be recycled and it is half the weight of traditional Polyurethane (PU) foam.

Each surfboard is then hand-shaped using rasps, not an electric planer. Sealing is accomplished with a bio-based epoxy silicate mixture. Strong glassing schedules are utilised to ensure the durability of your Godly ride. Every Makara is finish coated as well as the standard fill coat to ensure there are no microscopic perforations that can occur during the final sanding stage.

Throughout the entire process I collect anything that cannot be recycled in a dedicated bin for each surfboard including used paper towel, latex gloves, sanding dust, etc. Then I weigh this waste and compare it to the net weight of the finished surfboard to determine the production efficiency. Lastly, this score is glassed into the surfboard and the surfboard is ready for delivery.

I take sustainability seriously and the proof is in the numbers. According to a study by Sustainable Surf, a standard built 5.8 lb surfboard produces 10 lb of waste materials. The average 5.5 lb ECOBOARD certified surfboard produces 5.9 lb of waste material. A 6 lb Makara, only 1.3 lb of waste.

I can achieve this because of my strict waste and recycling controls that I have set myself with my 1% Initiative in which I track every ounce of waste including the dust I sweep off the floor after sanding. Once a surfboard is finished, I weigh it and the waste I have collected and then glass the waste efficiency score into the bottom of the board so you know how much waste was created during the production of your surfboard.

Combining this approach with sustainable materials that I use like Entropy’s Bio Resin enables me to hand-shape a custom surfboard that is one of the least impacting to our planet. The key question is “does your shaper know how much waste they created when making a surfboard?”

How long does it take?
After design confirmation, it takes on average 25 days since I make my own blanks. It can be longer depending on the complexity of resin tints and painting, number of swell days, etc.

What kind of wood do you use for your stringers?

What is your core material?
Expanded Polystyrene

Can I do my own art on the blank before you glass it?
Sure but we have to talk about the kind of paints you will be using.

Is every surfboard an ECOBOARD?
Yes and I will only make surfboards that can be certified ECOBOARD. As such, your surfboard will have an ECOBOARD logo glassed into the bottom near the fin cluster with a unique serial number that is issued by Sustainable Surf.


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