Custom Makara Ecoboard

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Sustainability defines me as a surfboard shaper. Using sustainable materials like Entropy's Bio Resin, minimising production waste, and maximising material recycling through my 1% Initiative enables me to hand-shape a custom surfboard that is probably one of the most sustainable around these parts.

The Makara Surf Company is a member of Sustainable Surf's ECOBOARD Project – the world's first, independent 3rd party consumer-facing “eco-label” for surfboards.

*Standard custom surfboard orders take four weeks to complete depending on time for design consultation, paint, etc. as your surfboard is custom right from the start including making my own stringers and blanks. I don’t order pre-shaped blanks.

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According to Sustainable Surf, a standard built 5.8 Ib surfboard produces 10 Ib of waste materials. The average 5.5 Ib ECOBOARD certified surfboard produces only 5.9 Ibs of waste material. Because of my strict waste and recycling controls by following my 1% Initiative, a Makara ECOBOARD does even better than this. For example, a 6.6 Ib Makara produces only 1.4 Ib of waste and that includes the little stuff like masking tape, paint brushes, latex gloves, stir sticks, etc. The end result is one of the most sustainably built surfboards around.

What kind of wood do you use for your stringers?

What is your core material?
Expanded Polystyrene

Can I do my own art on the blank before you glass it?
Sure but we have to talk about the kind of paints you will be using.


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