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Getting to the Green

Found myself on a plane yesterday and so got some more disconnect time. One of main themes that I have always thought for Makara is that everything that is done, the activities, the beliefs, the products, my production techniques, etc. are not about benefiting me in the long-run. It’s not about someone else. It’s about all of us. And so everything right from this super humble beginning needs to be about creating synergy. It needs to be about doing my little part to create a better future and make our world a better place for all of us.

I know it sounds a bit over-the-top from a guy trying to slap together some surfboards in a tiny workshop in Hong Kong with just a few dollars to spare to develop things. But hey, you are not going to go anywhere unless you know where you want to go. So I’d say the destination is totally confirmed. The only thing missing now is a good map.

So on the subject of the most important thing to me, hand-shaping surfboards, as you might know my EPS shaping scraps already get recycled. I donate them to a local organisation that compresses the scraps and dust and sells the resulting material back into the manufacturing process. They then get turned into coat hangers and picture frames.

Now, I am stoked to say I got government approval to import, store, and start glassing with Entropy Bio-Resin and I am working on setting up that first order this week. It’s taken seven months to get the approval and it’s going to take another month or two before that first order gets here and I start using the resin. But, it’s definitely making progress in the green direction.

I’m working on other areas for making my surfboards as green as possible. Like for stringers, wood scraps already get donated for wood recycling. But I am also getting the ball rolling on using Forest Stewardship Council certified woods. Then for production I find there is a lot of waste that gets created from the containers used in glassing. They only get used once. So I am working on switching to a supplier of containers made from recycled PET as well as a solution to have the used containers put back into recycling. Unfortunately you can’t really reuse the containers because contaminants will affect the finish of subsequent glassing jobs.

So I’m getting to the green slowly. Now if only I could find a supplier around these parts for providing me with blocks of recycled EPS foam for my surfboard blanks.

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