Godly® represents our line of all natural and responsibly made products for those who love nature, love their body, and love the ocean minimally packaged in eco-friendly materials. In order for it to be Godly®, it needs to be made by us and only with premium natural inputs. Another important aspect about everything Godly® is that we tell you what goes in it. We don’t hide things from you like other labels. So if you don’t know what’s inside, don’t trust it.

Currently Godly® represents Eco-Friendly Surfboard Wax, High-Lather Cold-Processed Soap, and All Natural Insect Repellent currently only available from the Makara boardworks in Tap Mun and from our website. If you are interested in helping us spread nature’s Godliness through your store, please get in touch.

Godly is a registered trademark of the Makara Surf Company Limited.