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Learning Curve

Woke up early this morning all fired up to deliver three awesome fishes for three very important birthdays. So important that the riders were actually departing today back to the States for the holidays. Was placing the surfboards on the roof rack at 07:00 to drive from one side of Hong Kong to the other and bam-o! Holy @#$% I missed two tiny cracks in the tail! Couldn’t believe it…complete utter disaster.
What do I do?

Small crack in surfboard tail

Do I:
A) Deliver anyway to meet the deadline hoping the riders would not notice?
B) Deliver late and take responsibility of the situation?
Well I don’t know about you, but I would rather have the riders angry at me for being late than angry at me for delivering something that was shoddy and not watertight. So, I did the right thing. I got in touch and I owned up about it. And as a consolation, for this particular case I offered to include a full set of FCS fins and a Makara leash for each as I know it is such a let down to not be able to get the surfboards for their birthdays. Fortunately, I think I have their forgiveness 🙂

Three Makara fish surfboards

I think it’s important that, whatever the situation, we always take responsibility for our mistakes. Your credibility as a person is not based on how much money you have in the bank. It’s based on how true and responsible you are to others. So, there is no need to be afraid of the consequences of our mistakes as long as we are willing to accept them and make them right.

I know for me, I would rather have the reputation of missing a deadline than the reputation of delivering a bad product.

Happy holidays everyone and I hope you all have awesome times with your families!
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