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Makara gone to the dawgs??? What???

Indeed yes! And there were quite a few pooches checking out this custom Makara at the Hong Kong Pet Show last weekend where local superstar photographer Lina Wong introduced about using the Sony ActionCam with your furry friend on a Makara πŸ˜›

The concept is based on a super miniturised version of my Classic Makara Funboard. It turned out the board size is too short for a CNC machine cut. So I had to go old school and the foam core was hand shaped out of EPS. There’s a lightweight epoxy combo on it and this 4’3 in particular weighs in at less than 2 Kg. I widened the profile a bit and beefed the rails to make it a little more stable for paws but kept the rounded point nose for a little added coolness. It’s old school single fin because I don’t think these hounds are going to be carving much on em so better to reduce weight and friction.

I liked the end product so much that I figured let other people get a hold of one too if they are interested. So we’re calling this one Rover Rider…love the corny names…and you can get one here. It comes with the single fin but no leash (neither for human nor hound). Shipping is FREE worldwide by surface post. If you want it faster than you will need to pay extra for courier. Every board is personalized and it’s still going to take three weeks to make because each one is hand shaped with love baby!

Rover Rider

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