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New Kid on the Block

Yes indeed there is a new kid. And, going from concept to incubation and finally to birth of this brand has not been the smoothest ride. Makara stands for Youth, Fun, Freedom, Dreams, and Friendship. It’s about being real, being who you are, and being for the people. Our specialty is custom surfboards and we work to understand your godly needs in order to deliver you with a godly ride. How we got started though, hasn’t been easy.

Makara came about a few years ago when a couple of guys in Hong Kong put their heads together with the idea of building custom boards. They made a few boards and liked what they were doing. Then one of the guys jumped ship. Damn! Who knows why, but he left an awesome cage-fighter dude on his own to figure it out. Cage-fighter, with his master skills of survival, worked on it for a bit and then later approached a local surfing extraordinaire to help with the design of the boards. Together they progressed with making some more rides for locals as well as other Nirvana seekers as far away as Singapore ever creating a better product.

In early 2014 they approached a local Indiana Jones of manufacturing in Asia to help kick Makara up to the next level. So, the threesome established a partnership and spent some time racking their brains and began to scratch out a bit of a plan. Then boom a few months later Mr. Cage-Fighter dropped out because he respectfully needed to move back to the States to pursue his higher learned education. Whoa back to the drawing board again!

Being men of the street, Surfing Extraordinaire and Jones pushed on. Summer that year came fast and the two got tied up in their full-time bill paying activities. Surfing Extraordinaire was busy creating new surfing converts and Jones was all over China and Taiwan putting things together. Sadly, this amazing dream just ended up going on hold. Time flew by and, although they were still processing some boards, by Autumn Surfing Extraordinaire realized that he needed his wings free to continue pursuing his dream of his awesome adventure called life. F#$%! It was like the brand concept was being moved from home to home with no real parents! Well Jones is extremely stubborn. And once he has bought into a dream, he doesn’t let go. In addition, it struck Jones that Surfing Extraordinaire was actually pursuing to live the Makara way by following his dream and filling his life with Youth, Fun, Freedom, and Friendships. So, that’s ok…Jones will get over it…he just might be in denial for some time…

On December 2, 2014 Jones established Makara Surf Company Limited and so finally the brand was born in a place where it will stay. No more being kicked around house to house. Like a needle starting at zero, the only way to go is forward and up and Makara will slowly become a leading surf brand in Asia and who knows, maybe even the world. It won’t be an easy ride and there is definitely going to be some major wipe-outs along the way. But, here we are. It ain’t perfect, but it is definitely a huge step forward just by getting a website online and starting to build our identity. And we will get there as it is only our retreat from our dreams that prevents us from achieving them. So, live Surf! Live Makara! And above all, live life!

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