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Shaping the Shaper

Took a break from writing for a few weeks to focus on planning and building the shaping bubble. So, here’s a little story…

15 years ago after I completed university I turned down interview opportunities at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Instead I decided I would make my own way in life and I jumped on a plane from Vancouver to Hong Kong. Stupid? Maybe. Crazy? I think so.

So for the last 14 years I made my own way helping a few companies in Europe create and manufacture very beautiful things in China, Japan, and Taiwan. 14 years of product development, materials selection, product testing, production management, quality control, and logistics are now behind me. Yes it has led me to some great things like teaching myself Mandarin and Cantonese although I am not 100% fluent in either. But it has also led me to some things that I wish I never had to experience such as numerous car accidents during the course of work travel, airport riots, divorce, trouble with the law, and various other adventures all in the name of fulfilling my duty.

I never needed to travel first class nor had a desire to stay in 5 star hotels. And, I took local inter-city buses in the sticks of China in the middle of the night without worry. My work has led me to see so much that I can confidently say I have seen more of China than most Chinese.

I believe in honesty, compassion, hard-work, and taking the time to do a very good job. I don’t get caught up in hype and short-term gimmicks. I believe in organic, not just in what grows in the fields, but also organic in the growth of business and society. And I think real friends show themselves through the little things in life. Yeah they might get pissed off with you sometimes, but if you take the time to learn why, you’ll learn that it’s not because they are lame but because they care.

I think over the last 100 years society has gone the wrong direction and greed, selfishness, and the desire for instant gratification now overcome all. Social media drives us to compete for the most likes, “friends”, and show off and compare our indulgences. We’re killing ourselves day by day all in the name of creating value for the shareholders. If anyone tells you there is no such thing as global warming, it’s only out of their own greed. Don’t forget that all that so-called value you are creating is most likely going into someone else’s pocket anyway.

I’ve spent many years creating beautiful things for other people. Now I am taking my personality, passion, experience and expertise into creating my own beautiful things. What you see might not be perfect yet, but like everything else I do in life it is guaranteed to organically progress towards perfection.

Hello my name is Chris Tilbe and I shape custom surfboards in Hong Kong.

Ride your own way.

Surfboard Shaper in Shaping Room

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