Surfboard Ding Repair

Surfboard fin box replacementFCS II Fin Box Replacement
Surfboard delam fixDelam fix with colouring, sparkles, and gloss coat

As a shaper, Ding Repair is hugely important because it is integral we are doing what we can to help you keep your surfboard out of the trash and ultimately from polluting our precious oceans. Besides, the more dings your surfboard has, the more valuable it becomes to you because each ding has a unique adventure attached to it not to mention the awesome travels to amazing surf spots around the world you possibly shared with it. So please, be responsible and repair your surfboard. Don’t put it in the trash.

I’ll work on surfboards with either Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Polyurethane (PU) foam cores. If I have to shape or insert a new piece of foam, it will be EPS only as only excess EPS can be recycled. As for resin, I will only repair with Entropy’s eco-friendly Bio Epoxy Resin. As for cloth, I use 4oz and 6oz E-type.

Rates are quoted in Hong Kong Dollars only as the service is only provided in Hong Kong.

  • Crack: $500 HKD (add $100 HKD per additional cycle)
  • Hole (Cloth Penetration): $800 (add $100 HKD per additional cycle)
  • Fin Plug Replacement: $1,200 HKD
  • Leash Plug Replacement: $1,000 HKD
  • New Nose: $1,200 HKD
  • Broken/Split Surfboard: $1,500 HKD
  • Delam: $800 HKD per cycle

*Gloss Coat: Add 10%
**Colour: Add 10%
***Pick-up/Drop-off: $200 HKD per trip. Sai Kung area free of charge.