Why not ask your shaper how much waste they create? While the industry average is over 10 lbs, a 6’1 Makara creates just 1 lb 7 oz of waste and it is tracked and scored on each and every surfboard.

Makara surfboard shaper Chris Tilbe

From the start of Makara, my ethos has been about the pursuit of responsibly made surfboards. One that is built with efficient use of materials, waste minimised, had excess inputs reused/recycled, built durably as opposed to the industry norm of disposability, and with sustainable material sources.

A responsibly made surfboard score

A driving concept behind building a Makara is the 1% Initiative which is a simple system I developed to strictly control and track the waste associated with the production of each surfboard. Building any product should never produce more waste than the product itself. And as currently the industry average waste weight for surfboard production is far greater than the surfboard itself, surfboard shapers and manufacturers have a lot of work to be done to clean up the world of surfboard production. With the 1% Initiative, the dream is to be able to produce less than 1% waste weight for the net weight of a surfboard.

Responsibly made surfboards

Every surfboard gets a bin and in that bin goes every ounce of waste that can’t be reused, recycled, or upcycled. That includes the plastic wrappers from the 3″ chip brushes used in fill and finish coats or any used masking tape no matter how small the scrap is. It all goes inside because every scrap of waste is an environmental cost of production. And when the board is finished, the net weight of the waste is compared to the net weight of the surfboard and a score determined so that you know exactly how much of an impact the production of your surfboard had on the environment.

Each surfboard glassed Entropy

And certified Ecoboard

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