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We did it!

Holy crap! It’s one year on and it’s done! On our first year anniversary we have finally launched our webshop! Now I am certain there are going to be some bumps to start. There are probably still bugs to iron out and things to make clearer. That’s why in the beginning we are going to focus on sales and shipping only to Hong Kong. But once we get the hang of it, we will start expanding into Taiwan and China and beyond. It ain’t easy doing all this stuff on your own, but now that the webshop is finally done, I can start focusing on more interesting things like creating more boards, accessories, and heck getting out into the water.

Click on Shop in the menu bar and check it out! You can configure the heck out of the boards. There is not much up for artwork yet. I have only added colours. I have to whip off new artwork styles to add to the boards. It will come. If you have an awesome idea, let me know. We can try it out.

Now it is time to figure out all this marketing stuff. Probably you will see things change around a bit as I figure things out and make the shop layout better. Ah but it will come in time. Relief to finally get this step done and can start thinking about how to start building the brand!

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