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Why on Earth would you wax your board with it?

A lot of surfboard waxes on the market use Paraffin wax as a primary component. Paraffin is a waxy byproduct of the refining process of lubricating oil. That means it comes from crude oil. When you get it out of the oil, it is a gooey grey sludge that needs to be bleached in super strength bleach that is 10X stronger than the stuff you buy in the supermarket. After that it is processed even further using carcinogenic chemicals to solidify it and other toxic unknowns to affect the texture, colour, etc.

Have you ever checked the ingredients list on the surfboard wax you use? Oh that’s right there probably isn’t one! Maybe that’s because the recipe is super top secret. I don’t know. But if you don’t know what’s in it, why on Earth are you slapping that on your board and laying on it all day while you are paddling for waves? And if you do know it is Paraffin, well I certainly don’t like the idea of rubbing myself into a hydrocarbon derivative. It’s getting absorbed right into your skin.

Godly Surf GunkSo we created our Godly answer by developing a premium surf wax that combines all natural ingredients that are also designed to help reduce the impact of board rash on your skin. Here’s what’s in it (no we’re not scared to tell you):

  • Refined beeswax (no chemicals used here)
  • Cold pressed coconut oil
  • Unrefined shea butter
  • Raw aloe

Don’t worry about the packaging either. It is made from recycled kraft paper and printed with soy-based ink. We’ve pretty much made the product as beneficial for your body, your board, and the environment as we possibly could. Moreover, the portion size is perfect so you are not going to have wasted wax melting in your car or collecting all kinds of dirt while you are out surfing.

But, we also take it one step further than that. We only buy the components from local Hong Kong businesses like our beeswax from Hong Kong beekeepers. Yeah sure we could have been like everyone else and found cheaper alternatives directly from outside Hong Kong. But, we’re trying to build a socially responsible brand and we believe part of that is to accept a bit of loss and buy local as much as we can to support those around us.

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Godly Surf Gunk -Proudly Made By Us in Hong Kong

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