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Writer’s Block

Writer’s block…Serious writer’s block for months. February came and I was sitting on a boat with my favourite man to share waves with. We were heading out to his most loved and most frequented spot. Guess it is also my fav now, although friend tends to ensure I get smashed against the rocks…probably for his own enjoyment.

Wind was howling as Fai, our awesome boatman, was speeding his “Fai Tang” across the bay. It was a cold Winter day for Hong Kong. Probably 12’C or something. Frigid for these parts and we were bundled up like we were in the Arctic. You know you are a true Hongkie when 12 degrees brings out the toque and the down jacket. Hard to admit I am a Canadian.

But as we were cruising out, it hit me. There is nothing in Tap Mun but a sleepy fishing village. And as we neared the pier it beckoned to me

“build your dream surfboard works here Chris”.

Makara surfboard shaping bay

Seven months in and I am still not finished. The kitchen is a disaster. The office desk utilizes spare plywood and an old ikea frame. The exterior wall looks 100 years old and badly in need of fresh paint. And I still have not finished the surfboard I am going to hang up out the front. Heck, there isn’t even a shower here!

But I realise a couple things now. One, it takes a long time to renovate a house on your own especially while you are working two jobs to build your dreams. And two, much like an artist, it is going to be a good few years before I can make my mark as a surfboard shaper.

Surfboard Works Front

Instant gratification? Forget it!
If it comes in an instant it will be gone in a flash.
The best things take time.
The best dreams take years.

So what’s next? Well if anyone can do a good job putting down tiles in my kitchen and painting the walls there for me, I would be happy to trade up a custom surfboard for the labour.

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